Play, Tap, Enjoy, Not Just a Flappy Bird Game

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Play Now, the latest twist on the regular flappy bird game. In the latest update, the birdie can shoot the obstacles away from the path. And what more, there are 2 modes, the classic mode and the villain mode. Choose and play.

This is not another Flappy Bird Game! There are challenges. This game is easier to play but tougher to score. Are you up for the challenge? #flapshootbirdie? Select from the 4 available birdie characters and enjoying playing this different take on the flappy bird game.


Simply TAP anywhere on the screen to keep the bird flying.
You'll see coins, but are the coins just a distraction?
The longer you fly, the higher you score.
If you die, you can continue from the same score by watching an AD
OR, you can start from ZERO.
Above all, there are 4 birdies to choose from.


Action Adventure


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