Nina The Killer: Go To Sleep My Prince

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There is a new killer in town and her name is Nina. Once a normal Jeff The Killer fangirl, she went insane after a fatal incident during her school years when some bullies had been harassing her and her brother. One day she killed the bullies and bleached her face so that her normal skin became pale.

There are two different story levels to complete. Play as Poisonguy and hunt after Nina, or become Nina The Killer herself and try to escape from the asylum.


Mouse 1: Fire
Mouse 2: Aim/Block
W-S-A-D: Walk
Left Shift: Sprint
Left Ctrl: Crouch
X: Prone
Space: Jump
F: Use item
R: Reload
H: Holster weapon
G: Grenade
V: Melee attack
Esc or Tab: Pause


Action Adventure


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