Jet Boat Racing

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Here you are about to play a great racing boat simulator game with the Jet Boat Racing game! Two game modes as Free Drive and Racing will be waiting for you with lots of surprises. Fly through the ramps or slide over the thin ramps and show your boat using skills to your friend. You play either in 1 player mode or in 2 player mode both in Racing and Free Drive mode. Racing boats are in different features and you can unlock them by finishing races in the first position.


Player 1:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
NOS: "F"
Restart Position: "R"
Look back: "T"
Switch Camera Position: "C"

Player 2:
NOS: "K"
Switch Camera: "P"
Restart Position: "O"
Look back: "L"


Racing 2 Player


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