Flying Police Car Simulator

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Flying Police Car Simulator is a 3d game with unique gameplay and map of the Police city. There are huge skyscrapers, which you have to avoid while flying Police Car through them. Once you have collided with them, you’ll lose your speed and fell to the ground. Fly to the airport of the Police City that is not connected to the Police city via main roads.
You can drive and fly through the city and explore what’s hidden inside the city. Fly high & drive as fast as you can, jump off the skyscrapers and earn coins. Unlock more cars by collecting coins scattered around the city.
Avoid falling in the water, or you’ll lose your progress. Also, there’s a hidden island on the map you just have to fly through it. Hurry up! Before the fuel runs out.


W / Accelerate
S / Break
D / Right Turn
A / Left Turn
F / Switch Controls
L / Lock and Unlock Curser
X / Speed Boost
R / Reset Vehicle
Mouse Movement / Flying Controls
Left Mouse Click / Air Breaks


Adventure 3D


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