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In this  Doodle Jump high jump game, you will control a 4-legged creature named "The Doodler" to jump up the steps to get to the highest possible height. If Doodle falls all the way down the screen, the game ends. boost. During the high jump game, you can boost Doodler's speed by jumping on springs or collecting missiles. Also collect coins to score extra points.
Doodle Jump is a speedrun classic game. You can organize duel or battle with your rivals.
Only practice will help you to improve your result and become the best in the world. There is a world leaderboard, which you can check out in the worldwide internet. So, try it.


To play Doodle Jump simply move left to right to reach the platforms. Left-click to shoot. The gameplay is endless, so jump for as long as possible to achieve your greatest score.




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