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Chess is a type of intellectual chess game that is loved by many people. Play the game of Chess Online for free on to experience this high-class intellectual genre!

Guide to the rules of Chess

Chess is an intellectual game with 16 pieces on each side, including: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 statues, 2 knights and 8 pawns. Based on the movement rules of each piece, you use sharp tactics to move the pieces in a reasonable way to eat the opponent's pieces, eat the king or make the opponent fall into a state of confusion that can't be resisted. If you get it, you will be the winner.

King: Each move the king can go in any direction in a straight line or diagonally but can only go 1 square and at the position where the king moves to have the opponent's piece, he can eat.

After: There is a move that is a simple combination of the movement of the Car and the Statue. In a move it can move diagonally or in a straight line along a column or row, with the same principle of going and capturing pieces as Statues and Rooks.

Statue: Move diagonally to a square of the same color with the same winning principle as a rook to an empty space or a square occupied by the opponent's piece.

Code: Can move to an empty space or a square occupied by the opponent (capture) in the shape of an L.

Rook: Move in straight lines along a column or row to an empty square with no pieces in the way or to a square occupied by an opponent's piece (takes a piece) but cannot pass the piece standing in that square . The only exception is import. It can then jump over its King to stand next to it.

Good: Can move straight forward only one square at a time to an empty space (go without taking pieces), but when moving pieces to capture enemy pieces, go diagonally. The power of the pawn can be promoted when the pawn reaches the last line of the opponent and is promoted to 1 of the Queen, Rook, Statue, and Horse of the same color


Use Mouse to control chess pieces




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